About Myself

This section gives you an impression of who I am and what I do!

Tahmina is a promising female photographer in the photography industry. Having accomplished her MS from DU, Tahmina went to WD School of Photography to start her photography career, ran by Prito Reza one of the pioneers and renowned Wedding photographer of Bangladesh. Then she learned post-production and started to work for her won interest and eventually came across few greatest photographers in the path. Later on, she went to Counter Photo to enhance her knowledge in advance photography.She has sharpened her knowledge by joining various local and international workshops on many aspects of photography. Driven by her passion she is among very few professional female photographers in Bangladesh now. She’s a known face in the social media and various feminine community.

She devoted herself towards her passion. Among very few professional female photographers in Bangladesh, she is one. She has covered a good number of events/programs which includes wedding, birthdays, products, fashion, wildlife, nature and various other events. Her works have always been praised by the greater audience.

She is currently a member of DCP, worked with CMUD EVENTS and few more local and international photography clubs. Now she is a full-time professional in her own photography house.